Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spotlight On: Mode Cosmetics #10630 Arsonist

Firstly, please read my post Introducing.... Mode Cosmetics Nail Enamel! if you have not done so already, as it contains general information about this brand of nail enamel.

Arsonist is part of the current Mode Cosmetics collection and is an absolutely stunning shade of sangria. A little like Euro Trip, it doesn't look like much in the bottle, and I didn't have much of an expectation - but once it was on my nails I couldn't tear my eyes away from them! This shade reminds me of Dorothy's ruby slippers. It glitters and gleams so beautifully! And that's not even it! When the light catches this polish, a golden accent shines through and mingles with the red, which is the effect that gave this polish its perfect name! My photos just cannot hope to do justice to this stunner! Two coats were plenty to achieve a gloriously rich colour, and it was so easy to apply. I have to rate this shade as one of my favorites, and I'm sure it will be one of yours too!

Photograph taken in artificial light

I will be listing a bottle of this shade on OZtion for any Australian ladies interested in owning one! I will also be offering it for trade on MakeupAlley in the near future for anyone, anywhere! For ladies outside of Australia who would like to buy a bottle, please email me and I will happily list one on eBay for you. If you have tried these links and Arsonist is not available on any of these sites, please email me, and I will endeavour to source one for you.


  1. Okay, so if I dont get this in my life soon I just may cry :O

  2. lol - don't let the bottle fool you, it's harboring a hidden beauty! :)

  3. This was the first of many mode polishes I brought. I have been in love with them ever since :)