Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Introducing.... Mode Cosmetics Nail Enamel!

By sheer chance I stumbled across a brand of nail enamel that I had never seen before. I was browsing the cosmetics section of a local pharmacy, and a stand of brighly coloured polish caught my attention. At this stage I had not developed my addiction to the purchase of nail polish, so I contemplated the smooth little bottles for a while. They were screaming, "Take us home. TAKE US HOME!" and the message was only getting louder... The enticing colours and the tiny price of AU$2.45 convinced me to give it a shot. And I am so glad that I did! I can thank Mode for being the beginnings of a wonderful journey on a rainbow of colour!

And so, my obsession began...

Every time I went to the pharmacy, I just HAD to buy more! The devil on my shoulder won the argument every time too! Me being the avid collector that I am, (I just simply MUST have every last item in a collection, or I just KNOW I will perish) I kept up my purchases until I had every available shade that the two local stockists had. I have all 59 colours (the 60th is a top coat) in the regular range, and I managed to find another 7 of the discontinued shades too! Score!

So, on to my review: Mode Cosmetics are onto a fantastic product that offers quality and performance, at an incredibly competitive price. They also have a great colour range, brights, pastels, neutrals, you name it! Featuring a quick drying formula, great even coverage, no chipping or peeling and easy to apply! I might add that the bottles are a great shape and easy to use, including a decent brush with soft bristles. Ticks all of my boxes!

If this sounds pretty good to you too, then I highly recommend you add them to your collection! If you live in Australia, your local pharmacy might stock Mode Cosmetics, but if it doesn't you can call the friendly and helpful girls at Creative Brands on 1300 650 981 and they can help you locate a stockist, or I will be listing some soon on OZtion (Australia's very own auction site - which is wonderful for so many reasons btw). For international interest, I will be listing some of these shades on eBay in the near future. Check my Blog for further details!

If you have any questions or requests, please contact me (I don't bite) and I'll always do my best to help. I will be swatching these awesome colours very soon, so stay tuned!
Bottom line: Mode Cosmetics Nail Enamel is DA BOMB!


  1. I've seen these at my Giant Chemist but have never purchased any! I MUST REMEDY THIS.

  2. Oh for sure! They are worth trying, and if you don't like them, what's $2.45 a pop these days!? But I'm sure you will LOVE them! :)

  3. I live in Australia, most places ive seen these nail polishes in there all only $2 BEST VALUE EVER! I havent got as many as you lol, but i do have around 15 of there shades (inc the 4 I brought today lol)I love that there long lasting, dont chip and dry so fast BIG WIN they tick all my boxes :)

    1. where abouts in Australia are you buying them? what shops? I cant find them anywhere???