Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spotlight On: Mode Cosmetics #10669 Runway

Firstly, please read my post Introducing.... Mode Cosmetics Nail Enamel! if you have not done so already, as it contains general information about this brand of nail enamel.

Runway is part of the current Mode Cosmetics collection and is a shade of Midnight green. This gorgeous creme shade is another one-coater and is a breeze to apply. There is little to say about it apart from a recommendation to add it to your collection, as it truly is a stunning shade!

Photograph taken in artificial light

I will be listing a bottle of this shade on OZtion for any Australian ladies interested in owning one! I will also be offering it for trade on MakeupAlley in the near future for anyone, anywhere! For ladies outside of Australia who would like to buy a bottle, please email me and I will happily list one on eBay for you. If you have tried these links and Runway is not available on any of these sites, please email me, and I will endeavour to source one for you.


  1. Very pretty on you! Glad I managed to pick this one up. The other new ones seem to be non-existant at my stockists. Not sure why if they've been out since March:(

  2. Thank you! Maybe they sold out? Have you asked when they are getting their next order in? The new shades will be included in their next lot for sure! :) Good luck finding them!

  3. Thanks V. I asked my local chemist to order So Parisian and Messed Up for me with their next order. If it wasn't for your fab blog I would never have known about these gorgeous colours!

  4. how do you type with these nails?

  5. Susie: Thank you! It's one of my favorites!

    Millie: You are more than welcome! And thank you for the compliment! I'm glad you are enjoying my blog! :)

    Anonymous: lol It's pretty easy actually! You tend to get used to working with long nails! :) And I'm just as fast at typing as I was when my nails were short! lol