Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spotlight On: Mode Cosmetics #10666 Forget Me Not

Firstly, please read my post Introducing.... Mode Cosmetics Nail Enamel! if you have not done so already, as it contains general information about this brand of nail enamel.

Forget Me Not is part of the current Mode Cosmetics collection and is a shade of Lust. Very simple, one-coat application! I'm not sure why Creative Brands released this red creme, as it is almost identical to Totally Hot. Upon close inspection you can see that this shade is ever-so-slightly deeper, but not enough to justify purchasing both shades (but that is only my opinion!) - if I were to choose one over the other, it would be this one!

Photograph taken in artificial light

Nail art: I used Color Club's Art Club Nail Art Lacquer NA23 Bronze (also referred to as 05C023) to create this look. Allow nail enamel to dry before applying stripper polish. Starting in the bottom corner, sweep first lacquer shade up the nail, curving slightly at the top, then follow with another stroke beside the first. Add a third and fourth stroke diagonally in the opposite direction. Be careful not to apply the top coat too early otherwise you will end up with unsightly streaks! I hope my description helped!

I will be listing a bottle of this shade on OZtion for any Australian ladies interested in owning one! I will also be offering it for trade on MakeupAlley in the near future for anyone, anywhere! For ladies outside of Australia who would like to buy a bottle, please email me and I will happily list one on eBay for you. I will also be selling the Art Club Nail Art Lacquer colours used for anyone interested in replicating my nails! If you have tried these links and Forget Me Not or Bronze are not available on any of these sites, please email me, and I will endeavour to source them for you.


  1. Strange that they would virtually repeat a colour. The nail art looks really good - can't wait to see the other new ones.

  2. That's so random that they'd practically duplicate colours =S but a red creme is always pretty!

  3. I agree girls! Why waste a shade with a repeat? I'd have released something completely different!

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