Monday, June 21, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms #05 Emerald Amethyst

When I applied Emerald Amethyst I was speechless! I was so in awe of its beauty that I could barely tear my eyes away from my hands! This shade is so unique it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular and loved of all the Prisms! On some angles it has a gorgeous, almost golden olive green appearance, and on other angles it is a dusty pinkish-purple. When the two colours blend, the polish appears to be a shade of gunmetal, but this is generally in low-light when one of the two main colours is not drawing reflective light. I personally like this unique effect but find the two main shades much more dazzling! This shade is one of the hardest Prisms to find - and when you get lucky it is often very expensive - but even though I paid what some would consider an incomprehensible amount for my bottle, the sheer beauty of it makes this polish worthy of every cent!

Please excuse my cuticles for the first few posts of these shades - I had a reaction to a product that was not pretty!
This shade has been the easiest to work with so far, and only needed one coat for complete perfection!

Photograph taken in artificial light. This image illustrates the gunmetal appearance of the polish in low-light.

Photograph taken on an alternate angle to show the olive green within the polish

Photograph taken on an alternate angle to show the purple within the polish - this was the best photo I could manage to capture the purple, but I was disappointed with the outcome. The purple has far more of a pinkish tone as apposed to the blue-purple that the photos show it to be.

Photograph taken on an alternate angle to show the duo-chrome effect of this polish. On some angles you can clearly see both main shades, unlike some other Prisms like South Sea Pearl, where only one colour flashes at one time.

I will be listing all the prisms I have available on OZtion for any Australian ladies interested in owning one! I will also be offering them for trade on MakeupAlley and in Vibrant V's Petite Boutique in the near future for anyone, anywhere!


  1. This is a gorgeous duo-chrome! I wish Sally Hansen would bring these back.

  2. I totally agree! I wish they would listen to the millions of girls who want them back! If they only got $1 for each.... wouldn't it be worth it to them!?

  3. Woo, what a stunner! I too wish more than anything that they would bring these back... I would be so happy if we could get Nail Prisms easily again!