Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finishing Touches: Top Coat

I would hazard a guess that most women that enjoy painting their nails use a top coat, but for those that don't here are a few reasons why I recommend that you do!

To put it simply top coat helps your manicure last longer and keeps it looking fresher! It protects your nail polish from going dull, chipping, dinging or scratching! It's truly worth the effort for that glossy luster that ensures your nails look stunning!

Many women skip the top coat believing that another layer will only take more time to dry... That my friends is the complete opposite to the truth! Many top coats have quick-drying properties, so they may be applied on top of wet nail polish to help it harden and dry faster. This is beneficial if you have limited time or lack in patience before getting back to your regular activities!

My favorite top coat is inm Out The Door, which has been voted America's #1 top coat, and has held that position for 25 years. And let me tell you it deserves that title! I love how quick and easy it is to apply, and how it actually does what the label on the bottle claims - dries in seconds! That is not to say that it is completely ding-proof immediately - no top coat can boast that - but it certainly goes a long way to protect your manicure while it cures!

There are lots of choices when it comes to top coat - and it all depends on what you are looking to achieve apart from protecting your nail polish. I do tend to favor the inm branded ones - they have stood the test of time and proven their worth to me! Below are the types of top coats inm offer and their purpose.

Out The Door Top Coat - As mentioned above, this is your standard quick-drying top coat. It is a long wearing top coat with a high gloss shine that will not yellow. Available in 3 sizes, the mini 3.5ml/1/8oz bottle (perfect for on the run!), the standard 15ml/0.5oz bottle and the 73ml/2.5oz bubble bottle. It also comes in two refill sizes, the 118ml/4oz bubble bottle and the 473ml/16oz bottle.

Northern Lights Holographic Top Coat - This exclusive product was created by blending holographic film particles with Out The Door top coat. Dries smooth to the touch, and can easily be removed with polish remover. Apply over any polish and watch a dazzling prism of three dimensional accents! Absolutely stunning! Available in 3 sizes, the mini 3.5ml/1/8oz bottle (perfect for on the run!), the standard 15ml/0.5oz bottle and the 73ml/2.5oz bubble bottle. It also comes in the 118ml/4oz refill bubble bottle.



Total Eclipse Top Coat - Non-Yellowing U.V. blocking top coat, Total Eclipse is an optical enhancer that protects nails from the yellowing effects of ultra violet rays, while accentuating the natural pink of the nail bed, and white of the free edge. The perfect top coat for french manicures! Available in 3 sizes, the mini 3.5ml/1/8oz bottle (perfect for on the run!), the standard 15ml/0.5oz bottle and the 73ml/2.5oz bubble bottle.

LooksWet Top Coat - Rose tinted blend of acrylic resins that deliver a durable high gloss finish so shiny that the nails still look wet...after drying. Perfect for finishing nail art! Available in 2 sizes, the standard 15ml/0.5oz bottle and the 73ml/2.5oz bubble bottle.

Also available is a top coat that makes your nail polish appear matte - I know China Glaze does one called Matte Magic.

Phew! So there are some of the top coats you can choose from! I highly recommend investing in a good quality top coat, I promise you it will make a massive difference to the durability and lasting lusciousness of your manicure!

As always I will have these top coats available on OZtion and MakeupAlley for anyone who would like a highly recommended product!

So take the time to find the right top coat for you - because once you do, you will wonder how you lived without it!


  1. Great post. I've found the best top coats for me are Seche Vite and especially Nubar Diamont. Also, Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri isn't too bad either. I didn't have as much luck with Out The Door, but I think that skin chemistry changes what works for different people.

  2. I own the INM Northern Lights topcoat, and I've always liked it. I've never used Out The Door, though... I normally use Seche Vite and Poshe as my finishing topcoats. I might give OTD a try, since I always see it at Sally's and sometimes at the discount shops!

  3. Original_Wacky: Oh for sure! It does take a certain amount of trial and error before you find the right products for you - as you say, everyone is different!

    Carley: I love it! It has to be #1 for a reason, right? :)

  4. I actually also love OTD and the Northern lights version (tho I need 2x coats of OTD to keep the polish unchippable).

  5. One works for me, but then again, I change my nail polish daily! lol

  6. Random: I LOVE the spherical bottles, very vintage :) reminds me of my childhood haha

  7. SS: Very random! lol I like them too - it is such a gorgeous shape - more polishes should come in bottles like these!

  8. Are you not in the camp that thinks top coat dulls the holo?

    I use OTD but also a few others. To me, it seems to dull it when you first put in on but when it dries, it looks the same as before.

  9. I first apply top coat to one finger to see if it makes any difference to the holo, and in the holos I have reviewed so far I have found no difference at all! OTD has not dulled any of them as yet, but I have not tried any other top coat with holos, so I can't say ALL top coats are safe! :)