Saturday, February 13, 2010

Treasure Hunt - Mode Cosmetics Enamel - Pt.1

I have been searching for the missing pieces to my Mode Cosmetics puzzle quite a bit in the last two weeks or so, and thought I might up-date my readers on what I have learned! I regularly check my local stores for shades that I might have missed, but have not found anything new of late, so I decided I have to broaden my search.
Last weekend a friend of mine (a wonderful, supportive friend that is far too patient with my sometimes tedious assiduousness...) accompanied me on a city treck, to visit stores that carry the stock I am looking for. All I learned, is that Sunday is NOT a good day to carry out such a task, as most of the stores were closed! Two had moved to new locations.... but where was the question!? So needless to say, that mission was a complete, disappointing failure!
Rather than repeat the weekends botch, I started calling stores instead. Some store staff were very friendly and helpul, others... not so much! This method works much better (and is much cheaper) I must say! And good news.... I found a new shade! I was rather excited! So, that leaves 12 more shades to locate, which I'll keep trying to track down over the next couple of weeks. At least I won't have to drive all over Melbourne now that I have discovered some people are willing to help me in my quest!
One thing that I did find out during my search, which I would like my readers to know, is that not all stockists sell the nail polish at the standard price of $2.45. I found stockists selling them for up to $4.95, so buyer beware!

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