Thursday, February 18, 2010

Treasure Hunt - Mode Cosmetics Enamel - Pt.3

It is a bitter-sweet day today. I have spent hours upon hours over the last three days trying to find the 9 missing discontinued nail polish shades. Tuesday was a great day - I managed to locate a whopping 5 shades! Two of which I had sent to me, and arrived today, the other three to be picked up on the weekend. (Wow, my weekend is going to be full of driving!) So that is the sweet part - the bitter part is that yesterday and today have been spent looking for the last 4 shades - but I have had absolutely no luck yet. A little disheartening! After the incredible good fortune of finding 8 shades so quickly, I kinda though it would be just as easy to find the last few. Apparently not. Oh well - beauty is pain, right? lol Hopefully I can bring you some better news soon!

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