Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms #12 Coral Amber

I must say, Coral Amber just made it as my favorite holographic Prism so far! I just love this fresh, vivacious shade! I find it difficult to define this shade in terms of colour, as the word "coral" lends itself to a more orange toned shade in my mind, whereas this shade has quite a lot of red (pink) in it. I am also at a loss as to why Amber was added to the name of this polish... I see no evidence of Amber at all! I might have a little trouble defining the specific colour of this shade, but what stands out a mile at every angle is it's dazzling charm!

A breeze to apply and two coats provide a luscious finish! I used top coat on this holo and it did not dull the finish at all!

Photographs taken in artificial light

I will be listing all the prisms I have available on OZtion for any Australian ladies interested in owning one! I will also be offering them for trade on MakeupAlley and in Vibrant V's Petite Boutique in the near future for anyone, anywhere!


  1. Very pretty. Love the prisms. Wish Sally would bring them back! :D

  2. This one looks amazing on your gorgeous nails! Love them! <3<3<3

  3. Where have you been? I miss your posts! :P

  4. I also wanted to let you know I tagged you with an award over at my blog!