Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recently discontinued Mode Cosmetics shades

Hi Ladies! Since posting on Tuesday I discovered that another two shades have been discontinued! "Pink Sparkle" and "Tree Hugger" will be gone forever - so don't forget to pick one up if you liked them! :)


  1. Wow, I've never seen such a comprehensive collection of Mode polishes! Infact, there is only one other blog I've even seen them on. 2 colours that she raved about were "Glitterati" and "Tattastic". Maybe you should check them out. The only Mode I have is "hook me up" which I frankened with white and lilac to make it closer to my liking. Have you tried the glitter top coat called "Diamonte"? I've been thinking about getting it.

  2. Thank you Millie! I'm glad you are enjoying my blog! I found the same thing, these nail polishes don't get as much coverage as they deserve, hence my decision to cover them myself! :) Hook me up is a great colour, even if it is a hard to work with! Funny you should mention Diamonte - I have it on right now! lol I'll be posting about it over the next couple of days, but it is a great dense glitter worth getting! :) I'll be covering the entire Mode collection, including the discontinued shades, so if there are any others you are considering check back for reviews! :)