Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hi! Let me introduce myself...

My name is Vicki aka Vibrant V, and I am a full time Mum to four beautiful children. In my spare time I love to be creative. My favorite projects include painting (mainly pointillism - which is an image created with tiny dots), card and jewelery making, and scrapbooking. I also love music and dancing of all kinds!

Below is a very sad, amateur photograph taken of one of my pointillism paintings so I can show you guys one of my favorite things to do. This one was created for my daughter and took about 40 hours to paint. Please, Disney, don't crucify me for using your images - I swear its for personal use only!

I have recently discovered an absolute passion / fetish / obsession / addiction (LOL) to nail polish and nail art. I have always been an artistic person that loves anything beautiful - but the endless possibilities in expressing that through my nails has only just become a realization to me! Since my new-found obsession began, I have been browsing the web and have stumbled across so many gorgeous images and detailed blogs, that my mind was blown, and my excitement grew at a rapid pace! All I wanted to do was share my enthusiasm with others that find nail polish and nail art just as exciting as I do!

My inspiration came from the brilliance of the likes of: lextard from flickr, Nail Juice, Polish Mayhem, Deez Nailz, and Scrangie. I know there are so many more wonderful bloggers and swatchers out there, but these ones were my inspiration!

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Turquoise Opal
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Turquoise Opal
Stunning isn't it? Such beautifully manicured hands! Image by lextard - thank you gorgeous girl for allowing me to showcase you! xxx

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede
OPI Suede - Lincoln Park After Dark
Immaculate! Such flawless presentation! A big thank you to Nail Juice for her gracious permission to show you all her genius! :)

Even though there are a million different people discussing this topic, I figured another perspective could only be a positive thing! Especially since most of the information I found online was based in America, I thought someone from Australia might just be able to offer new options to Americans, or more detailed information for fellow Australians! So here I am!

I'm not a comedienne, so competing with the more humorous bloggers in that way is an impossibility - nor am I competitive, so my goal is to work together with my peers to bring our readers the best information and entertainment! One of my strenghts (which in day to day life can sometimes become a weakness) is my absolute attention to detail. My friends laugh at the seemingly ridiculous lengths I go to sometimes! So you can be sure that the information that I gather and publish for my readers is as accurate and complete as possible - and if there is any doubt, I'll say so!

I hope you enjoy my future babble, but if you don't - let me know I should stick to painting my nails!


  1. Fantastic! Can't wait to see what you blog :D

  2. YAY! First comment! :) Thanks Steph!

  3. Wow - those are all tiny little dots! you have alot of patience!!!!

    Nail art is soooo much fun, there are sooooo many cool simple ideas out there. It has definitely been lots of fun for me.

    Also - I looove 'lexitards' photos on flickr as well.... so many polish's!

    I love your color scheme and I think that anyone sharing any ideas on blogger, you-tube or another medium is so awesome.

  4. Thanks for your support Dee! I appreciate your feedback and opinion. :) Thanks for being my first follower too!